Leisure Painter article – part four

Part four of five articles I have written for Leisure Painter Magazine – the article is about ‘How to create form’ and features my painting ‘March’s Song’.

Prints of this piece can be purchased from my website.



A Life of Birds

I posted a tweet yesterday about a sketchbook called, ‘A Life of Birds’. It’s a preliminary sketchbook of birds which is categorised into families and can be used as a guide. I have sourced information from the RSPB and other sites such as BTO and others.

It’s an ongoing project which I would like to, one day, have published into a ‘real’ book.

Here are the first three pages.


Leisure Painter Magazine

I have written five articles for Leisure Painter Magazine. The first article will be on sale 23rd March.

A brief of the articles which will be published each month, along with step by step guides on how to paint with watercolour.

  1. Useful resources and good places/artists to look for inspiration. taking and working from reference material and life and models.
  2. Colours, materials.
  3. Sketching and painting techniques.
  4. How to create form.
  5. Texture and life.